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About Coleen Lotter

I have been a professional massage therapist for 24 years and am still as passionate about the healing abilities of massage now as when I first qualified.

I am well versed in the anatomy of muscles and movement and interaction of the muscles relating to different sports, occupations, as well as local and referred pain.

Each massage is personalised and focused to each individual at each appointment and is outcome-based  - prevention is better than cure!

I work in conjunction with and complementary to Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Biokineticists and Personal Trainers.

My clientele ranges in age from young children to 90's, athletes, sports people, those not so physically active, students, gym goers, deskbound people... everyone. 

Massage compliments and enhances an exercise program or performance and is an integral part of a training regime.

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