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Coleen Lotter - Massage Therapist

I have been a professional massage therapist for 24 years and am still as passionate about the healing abilities of massage now as when I first qualified.

I have always had an avid interest in nutrition, mind body interaction, how they are intertwined and affect the body, massage, I did hiking and gym and on more than one occasion needed to have physio to fix something...

In 1995, I decided to change careers and certified as a Therapeutic Massage therapist through the Massage Institute in October 1996 - completing both anatomy and physiology, massage theory and practical as well as an advanced massage technique certification.

I was so fortunate to acquire additional medical knowledge and practical methods and techniques from physio, Elaine Trokis, massage therapist and lecturers, Walli Jahn and Gail Bouwer.

I am well versed in the anatomy of muscles and movement and interaction of the muscles relating to different sports, occupations, as well as local and referred pain.

I use a broad set of techniques and therapies:- trigger points, light and deep pressure,cross friction acupressure and stretching, to ensure muscle health and recovery with the correct amount of pressure required for each individual to treat muscle stiffness and tension, headaches and migraines, strains, sprains and spasms.

Each massage is personalised and focused to each individual at each appointment and is outcome-based  - prevention is better than cure!

Restorative: enabling future training and prevention of injury

Rehabilitative: alleviating pain strain and injury, aiding the return of the muscle tissue to normal aiding quicker healing  Relieving: nerve compression and increased flexibility

Relaxation: of stress, pain management, inflammation

I work in conjunction with and complementary to Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Biokineticists and Personal Trainers.

My clientele ranges in age from young children to 90's, athletes, sports people, those not so physically active, students, gym goers, deskbound people... everyone. 

Massage compliments and enhances an exercise program or performance and is an integral part of a training regime.

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